The life of a Sprocker Spaniel living in the British countryside.

Maximus was born on the 4th June 2016 and loves nothing more than muddy puddles and riverside walks.

Since owning him we have taught him a a wide range of tricks that he loves to show off. So far he knows, ‘sit’, ‘lie down’, ‘rollover’, ‘spin’, ‘paw’, ‘other paw’, ‘speak’, ‘wait’, ‘hold it’, ‘leave it’ and ‘rest head’. At the moment we are also teaching him ‘weave’ and ‘play dead’. We are also trying to get him to listen to ‘drop it’. He is learning these very quickly.

Max loves to learn and will do anything he can to please us. While he does have his spoilt, diva dog moments, he does us proud and is a star in front of the camera.

Max will hold anything in his mouth that we tell tell him to and listens to his commands to perform well.



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