Harper’s Introduction

For years now I’ve always admired the Australian Shepherd breed. They are not only absolutely beautiful, but also incredibly intelligent, high energy dogs with an impressive drive to work and learn. However, in the UK the breeders for Aussies are few and far between, with a long waiting list and preference for those who have had experience with the breed before (understandably). But I have to start somewhere, right? After contacting many UK breeders I had no luck, I felt defeated. I didn’t know what to do… it was very frustrating.

Thankfully, one breeder I was in contact with recommended I look in Europe (outside of the UK) instead. So, my search began and after talking to a few breeders one name kept popping up. I took this in mind and contacted her, she replied saying she had puppies available and that’s where Harper came into the picture.

Harper’s breeder was absolutely amazing, always keeping us updated on his antics with plenty of photos and videos. Not only did I really appreciate this but it was also very reassuring. Seeing daily photos of him growing up just made me even more excited to meet him! I was counting down the days and a few months later that day finally came.


Harper was born on the 21st September 2018, and because he’s from the Czech Republic we had to wait until he was 15 weeks old before we could collect him. Being the crazy dog family we are, we began our 6 day round trip to collect him a few weeks ago.

When we arrived at the breeders house, I was so nervous. I knew this new chapter of our lives would be difficult for Maximus to adjust to. He’s a very anxious dog and gets overwhelmed easily. As expected, Max really struggled when they had their introduction, so we made sure he had plenty of space. In the RV we hired, Harper stayed in his crate and Max was able to roam. Thankfully, Harper travels exceptionally well which made this easier. Although I was relieved when we finally arrived home, the compact space of the RV made constantly keeping the dogs apart rather challenging and it made me very emotional, I felt sorry for Max.



Now, time for Harper’s proper introduction. Harper is a 4 month old Red Merle dilute spotted Australian Shepherd with a great personality. He is a typical Aussie and is such a great addition to our crazy family. He has a lovely, happy-go-lucky temperament and is very friendly (sometimes too friendly!). Harper was desperate to interact with Max when they met, but we had to take things slowly. Thankfully, they are great outside – Harper loves to chase him on walks (which I think Max secretly likes because he’s way faster than him!). That being said, he also respects his space too which makes things a lot easier. However, it will take Max a lot longer to adjust to sharing his inside space. It’ll happen though, slowly but surely… I hope one day they’ll be best friends.


So Harper, welcome to our crazy family… I hope you love us as much as we love you! Thank you for being everything I wanted and more. I was so broken after loosing Oscar and you’ve helped heal my heart. I already adore you and can’t wait for our future adventures together.

I hope you enjoy following this new chapter and watching Harper grow up into a crazy Aussie!

Thanks for reading, 

Charlotte | Maximus & Harper x

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