Furbo Dog Camera | Karkalis Communications

Over the past few weeks we have been testing out the Furbo Dog Camera after being kindly sent one by Karkalis Communications,a specialist PR agency for strategic lifestyle communication and fashion PR, founded in 2005′. After trying it out, it’s safe to say I’m obsessed! I’ve always been curious about what the dogs get up to on the odd occasion that I leave them alone in the house, so when we got the opportunity to test out the Furbo I was very excited.

The camera arrived in a sturdy cardboard box with the classic yellow Furbo sticker neatly placed on the front.

Once I eagerly opened the box it was time to set up the Furbo! To do this, you first have to plug it in, connect it to your WiFi, download the free app and create an account! After that, the app will connect to the Furbo and you can begin!

This camera has a feature that allows you to talk to your pooch whilst checking up on them to either calm them down if they’re having separation anxiety or if you just want to say hello to them. I personally wouldn’t use this with my boys because I wouldn’t want to confuse them, but I can see how it can be beneficial if your Dog is distressed. Another great feature to this product is that it’s not just a camera, it’s also a treat dispenser! This means that whilst checking on your four-legged friend when you’re out, you can also throw them a treat! Pretty cool right? Being the big foodie he is, Oscar loved this and kept going up close to the camera in hope it would do it again! For Maximus however, the sound just made him excited!

I went to a hospital appointment a couple of weeks ago and it was so lovely to be able to just go on the Furbo app and see what they were up to whilst I was out! I no longer have to ask myself ‘I wonder what the boys are doing right now?’ I can easily check and it’s great, I couldn’t recommend it enough.

It doesn’t end there… the device also offers the choice to turn on ‘barking alerts’ so you can be notified if your dog is barking and possibly in distress. Therefore, you can go on the app, see what they’re up to and calm them down.

You can purchase this camera either directly from their website or from Amazon. The selling price is £249, however there is currently a sale on reducing it to £199 for a short period of time so get your hands [and paws!] on it quick!

Thank you so much Karkalis Communications for sending us the Furbo, we’ve had so much fun trying it out!

Thanks for reading,

Charlotte & Maximus x

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