Frontline U.K.

We recently got the opportunity to test out some products from Frontline – a company fulfilling all your pets healthcare needs. They have a wide variety of products on offer, ranging from flea and tick treatment to ear and eye cleaner. I was very pleased to see the eye cleaner arrive at our door because Oscar’s eyes have become very mucky in his old age so I knew I really could put it to the test! As well as this, the ear cleaner is ideal for Max because breeds like Spaniels are prone to ear problems due to their long floppy ears, therefore it’s important to keep them clean to prevent infections and other issues. We also were sent their Skin Care Gel which I was interested to try out.

The first thing I did when the package arrived was use the eye cleaner on Oscar. The solution is very soothing because it mimics natural tears, gently removing debris and stains around the eyes. The necessary information and instructions are laid out very clearly on the bottle, stating how to apply the product correctly: simply apply the solution onto a cotton pad and softly wipe it around your dogs eyes. After testing this out on Oscar I was very impressed and will definitely be using it again. It was very simple, quick and easy to do and because of its natural solution it’s very safe to use.

In addition to this, I was also impressed with the quality of the ear cleaner. It is an anti-odour gel that soothes and protects the ears and contains Zinc and Rhamnose to help balance the fragile ecosystem of the ear canals as well as providing antimicrobial protection. Rhamnose is also effective in soothing sensitive skin. To apply this gel simply put a small amount into your dogs ear canal and gently massage it in. Following this, wipe the ear clean with cotton wool, that’s it! I have to admit, I’m bad at keeping on top of cleaning Max’s ears but it’s so quick and easy to do there’s really no excuse, I must start doing it more, especially now I have a product I can really trust.

The Skin Care Gel is a hydrating, soothing and protective gel for your dog or cats coat if they are suffering with a skin condition. The instructions state to clean the affected area and then apply the gel directly or with a cotton pad. Thankfully, I don’t need to use this on Max or Oscar at the moment but it’s reassuring knowing I have it just in case. Oscar is a Westie, this breed is prone to skin problems so he’s been very lucky so far.

I was happy to receive the Frontline Plus Spot-On flea and tick treatment as I have been keen to use it for a while. Like the name suggests, this is a spot-on solution which inhibits the development of flea eggs as well as flea larvae and pupae for 8 weeks. It also kills ticks on your dog and protects them against re-infestation for up to 4 weeks. There are so many flea and tick treatments on the market to chose from but not all of them are as good as they seem. With Frontline I know I can fully trust the quality of their products and feel confident that my dogs are safe and protected.

I highly recommend using these Frontline products, after all our dogs mean the world to us so doing our best to keep them healthy is a no brainer!

Thanks for reading,

Charlotte & Maximus x

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