The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials 2018

Yesterday we attended the Burghley Horse Trials, a major equestrian event that you don’t want to miss! It was our first show we were invited along to as ‘press’ so we were very excited. Our journey was a lot better than expected, with minimal traffic and a quick, smooth entry into the event. It was a lovely sunny day which was a blessing and a curse at the same time because I’m not keen on shooting in direct sunlight due to the harsh contrasts but I went in with a positive mindset.

The show is set in the beautiful grounds of Burghley House. The manor is grand and the grounds are stunning, it was very well-fitting for such an event.

Burghley House

After working out our bearings we found ourselves at Ring 2, the smaller but still impressive showjumping ring, so we watched a few horse and riders warm up before their busy day of competing, Following this, we headed to the media centre where we were then directed to the Land Rover team at Lion’s Bridge. Here we met the team who showed us their new dog range for cars that ensures both canine comfort and safety. The new discovery was showing off its new ‘Pet Packs’, equipped with a pet access ramp, a quilted loadspace liner, a foldable pet carrier and a spill resistant water bowl. My favourite part is that there is a portable rinse system with a range of different spray settings that can last a minimum of two minutes which will allow you to clean your mud-obsessed dog or cool off your tired pooch before getting back into the car.

We were then asked if we wanted to have a go on the ‘Land Rover Experience’ which we of course said yes to! This involves being driven in a top of the range Land Rover, around a course of steep inclines, sharp descents and sideways tilts, as well as through a river! Impressive (and slightly terrifying) right? Don’t worry, Maximus stayed in the safe hands of my mum on the ground watching us. One of the managers described this experience as a “really slow but impressive rollercoaster” which I thought was spot on!

Maximus then had a caricature done which he struggled to sit still for (typical Spaniel!) and was given a lovely gift from Land Rover: a green ceramic dog bowl with ‘Hue 166’ on it to mark the first ever production Land Rover made in 1948.

After a while spent chatting to the team we had a wander around the grounds to stretch Max’s legs before collecting our complimentary lunch hamper and Prosecco. We decided to sit at a table outside the media centre that faced the big screen showing the showjumping taking place inside the main ring. It was very pleasant. Max looked up from under the table very enviously so I snuck him a bit of Prosciutto as a special treat…

With our taste buds satisfied and stomachs full, we decided to do a spot of shopping around the vast range of stalls. We came across a horse and dog accessory shop where my sister bought Maximus a stunning new lead and collar set that we are now totally obsessed with! The colours are just gorgeous and suit his colouring so well.

To end our day we watched the showjumping in the less busy Ring 2 which was brilliant. I’m a huge equestrian fan and used to ride at various riding schools as a child but as soon as we got Maximus we stopped riding and dedicated our lives to him! He made me turn into a crazy dog mum and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Now, I love going to horse shows and admiring horses from afar, so I thoroughly enjoyed watching the showjumping, it was very impressive and quite tense!

Overall, we had such a lovely day out. I hope you enjoyed reading about what we got up to. Thank you to the media team for inviting us and treating us so well.

Do you like attending horse shows? Or do you have any horses of your own? Leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading,

Charlotte & Maximus x

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