Lintbells Pet Supplements

Recently a very exciting package from Lintbells arrived at our door, containing a variety of their vast range of pet supplements for Maximus to try out. Lintbells sell a wide variety of supplements for cats, dogs and horses to fit every pet’s individual needs. I’ve been wanting to get Max some supplements to protect his joints for a while because he’s very active and always on the go, so it’s good to have joint support to avoid the risk of damaging them. Therefore, I was very pleased to see their young & activesupplements laying inside the box. The other supplements we received are:

YuMove Young & Active

This supplement supports young and active dogs, as well as puppies with growing joints. If puppies are over walked it can cause future damage so it’s important to be careful with how much you exercise your crazy pup. These supplements are also ideal for dogs that regularly do agility to protect their active joints. The key benefits are:

  • Aids the development of joints
  • Supports active dogs and young puppies
  • Promotes mobility
  • Aids recovery after exercise
  • Agility and growth formula

YuMove Plus

YuMove Plus is also a joint support supplement but for stiffer and older dogs. Why chose YuMove Plus over YuMOVE? Because it contains 20% extra green lipped muscle and is proven to work in just 6 weeks. The formula is 100% natural and aims to sooth stiffness to help keep your dog mobile during old age. The key benefits are:

  • Extra help for stiff joints
  • Extra joint support
  • Promotes mobility
  • Clinically proven to work in just 6 weeks

YuDigest Plus

YuDigest Plus is a fast-acting digestive support supplement for both cats and dogs. The gentle, natural formula contains BioActiv probiotics and prebiotics and has been proven to be very effective for pets with sensitive stomachs. This supplement works by binding bacteria and toxins in the gut, topping up good bacteria to maintain a natural balance. Maximus has quite a sensitive stomach so I’ll be interested to see if this helps, however since changing him to a raw diet I’ve already seen a big change.

YuMEGA Itchy Dog

YuMEGA Itchy Dog is a premium quality supplement for dogs that suffer from sensitive or itchy skin. The natural formula contains essential omega oils, including omega 3 and 6 and is proven to work within 4-6 weeks. The key benefits are:

  • Calms sensitive skin
  • Reduces itching and scratching
  • Supports skin health
  • Trusted by breeders and vets

The Lintbells website is laid out very clearly with drop down sections for their product categories to help guide you in the right direction in finding the correct supplement for your four-legged-friend. The dog categories are:

The lovely people at Lintbells also very kindly sent us this personalised box which I thought was so nice. Nestled inside is a notebook and a disposable camera!

Thank you Lintbells for sending us these supplements to try out. I’m going to continue giving Max the ‘Young & Active’ supplements and Oscar the ‘YuMOVE Plus’ and write another blog post in a few months time to let you know how we are getting on. I’m particularly interested to see if the YuMOVE joint support helps Oscar’s old age stiffness. I also have my eye on the YuCALM supplements that I may try out to help with Max’s unpredictable anxiety.

Do you give your dog supplements? If so, what for? I’d love to know.

Thanks for reading,

Charlotte & Maximus x

*This blog post was sponsored by Lintbells, all opinions remain my own*

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