The Master Builders Hotel | New Forest

Recently we were kindly invited on a 2 night stay at The Master Builders hotel, a quirky luxury hotel situated beside the beautiful Beaulieu River, just a few miles away from the picturesque town of Beaulieu. We were so excited for our little trip away, I knew Maximus would just absolutely love the location. On an early Sunday morning we loaded up the car and headed off, ready to explore!

Upon arrival, I fell in love with the place instantly. The hotel and grounds are absolutely gorgeous, the peaceful atmosphere and idyllic setting was the perfect way to unwind for a few days. We couldn’t check in until 3pm so after wandering round the grounds and letting Max and Oscar have a cool off in the river, we sat at the Yachtsman’s Bar gardens to have a drink and take in the stunning riverside view. Despite it being busy, it was still so peaceful and the weather was lovely. After investigating a beach a few minutes away from the hotel and soaking up the sun for a while it was ready to check into our room.

Our Room

The Master Builders have their very own dog friendly wing that’s separate from the rest of the hotel. This is called the Henry Adams wing, home to the Posh Classic rooms. I absolutely adored the interior of the room, it had a fresh contemporary style intertwined with cosy features. The bed was spacious and comfy, guaranteeing a great nights sleep. Understandably, dogs aren’t allowed on the beds so they provide a plastic dog bed and blanket for your pooch, as well as a bowl and dinner menu… I’ll be getting on to that soon!

The Grounds

Overlooking the river, the hotel sits on attractive extensive grounds, so there’s plenty of room for your four-legged friend to stretch their legs and burn off some energy before sitting down for dinner or heading off to bed. Both mornings after breakfast we took the dogs down to the river for an early morning swim, it was a very pleasant way to start the day. As well as this, there is also a beautiful river walk you can do that begins straight from the hotel grounds, could us dog mums really ask for more?

The Food

I’m a big foodie so I was looking forward to seeing what there was on the menu and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Like most places, dogs aren’t allowed to join you in the restaurant but we wanted to eat in the bar garden anyway to make the most of the idyllic setting and great weather. As you’d expect, the relaxed bar menu was more limited than that of the restaurants. Despite this, there was still a wide selection of classic pub dishes available; like burgers, pastas, salads, sandwiches and pizza which suited me just fine! After indecisively scanning the menu for a while, I decided on a the margarita pizza for my main and the brownie for desert… yum!

if you’re a fan of cheese, this one’s definitely the choice for you!

For breakfast there is a ‘help your self’ table in the restaurant with a wide selection of continental breakfast options available, such as cereals, pastries and more! Of course, there is also a cooked breakfast menu to chose from so you really are spoilt for choice.

Doggy Dinner Menu

When I first heard that the Master Builders offer a ‘doggy dinner menu’ I was very intrigued and excited to find out how this worked and what dishes they offered for their four-legged guests. I was so impressed with the variety of options, from simple dog biscuits to homemade chicken casserole! Your pooch will be well and truly spoilt like they deserve! We opted for the sausage and mash on the first night and chicken casserole on the second, I must say it smelt good enough for humans to eat! It made me laugh because the next morning, Max and Oscar refused to eat their regular ‘boring’ dog food, who can blame them?!

Things To Do

There’s plenty of things to do and see in and around the area including kayaking, canoeing, walking, sight seeing and more. Like I mentioned previously, there is a river walk that starts from the hotel grounds which we did several times. As well as this, there is a kayak shack right next to the grounds so there’s no travelling needed, making it a very convenient option. However, the type of kayaks they use mean dogs are unable to fit in with you so canoeing would be a better option if, like me, you want to take your furry friend with you to join in on all the fun.

Of course, we chose to do canoeing which is only a short drive away from the hotel, hidden in the trees next the Beaulieu River. For this you have to go out in a group with a guide with you, I couldn’t fault the guys running it at all, they were very friendly and made us feel very comfortable. We opted for the hour long session but quickly regretted not doing the two hour one, we all really enjoyed it and Max was totally in his element!

In the evenings we took the dogs to a little beach on The Solent as the sun was setting, it was beautiful. We found the secluded beach hidden away down a small path amongst dense trees after attempting to go to Lepe beach which was so congested we had to give up. That being said, it looked like it would be lovely beach if it wasn’t so busy, it also had a tearoom which I’m a sucker for!

Before we reluctantly left to head back home we searched for a good dog friendly beach and came across Milford-on-Sea – a vast shingle beach. It was the perfect way to end a lovely few days.

Thank you The Master Builders for inviting us to stay, we had such a lovely couple of days and already want to go back soon! If you want to spoil your pooch and relax beside a beautiful river, book your stay here.

Thanks for reading,

Charlotte & Maximus x

*This post is sponsored by Hillbrooke Hotels, all opinions remain my own*

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