10 Questions with Luna’s Loft

Meet Hannah, the creator and owner of Luna’s Loft, a popular company selling a vast variety of accessories for stylish pooches. One of her products are leads, made from lovely soft 100% cotton rope which she hand dyes in a range of beautiful colours. Hannah also hand makes a wide selection of frayed bandanas which we just adore. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing her to find out a bit more about Luna’s Loft to share with you!

What inspired you to start Lunas Loft?

I started out with no real intention to sell anything. I had just made my two girls – Luna and Aurora – their own Instagram account, I very quickly started discovering pet accessory companies but most of the ones I was really fond of were in the US. I was especially after a rope lead, but after adding up the lead cost plus shipping and potential customs a single lead was ridiculously expensive and I just couldn’t justify it! So I took it upon myself to make leads out of rope for the girls. It took me 2 months to finally make anything I was happy with, rope work was definitely harder to perfect than I first thought it would be! After the girls wearing them around for a while I had locals ask where I got them from and wanting me to make them for their dogs! I then put them through some vigorous strength testing before putting them up for sale – did you know our 12 mm collar and lead can tow a truck?! It all expanded rather fast from there!

How long have you been running your business?

Luna’s Loft was formed in January 2017, we’ve been around for 15 months now and are ever growing. We don’t plan to go anywhere anytime soon!

Are all your products handmade?

Yes all our products are handmade, mostly by me, but friends and family also pitch in when I’m struggling to keep up with orders! We also have some new products coming that are made elsewhere, but still handmade.

What’s a typical working day like for you?

Wake up, drink tea, walk my dogs, drink tea, make stuff, drink tea, walk clients dogs, have lunch and tea, make stuff, drink tea, go to the Post Office, drink tea, reply to messages and emails with a cup of tea, walk dogs, have dinner, shower, drink chamomile tea, sleep. It’s a good thing I only drink decaf!

Which one of your products is the most popular?

Our Frayed bandanas are our top selling product to date, specially the Flo which has almost sold out for good!

Do you have a personal favourite product?

My personal favourite product, is the Finn frayed bandana. I especially love it paired with our Super Soft Aqua Rope Lead.

Have you had any setbacks so far? If so, how do you overcome them?

I always experience small setbacks, the same as any business does. I personally believe that if you don’t have setbacks you can never truly improve! I do love a challenge. I always overcome them by staying positive, which is very hard at times but you always need to have a positive outlook if anything is ever going to improve. If you always think the worst it totally demoralises you, I learned this lesson when I first setup the website. It didn’t quite take off the way that I had hoped, and I felt totally bummed out by it. I spent days just feeling miserable and still pled putting so much effort in. I was then given a kick by family and friends and started thinking “I can” and “I will”. Soon enough sales started picking up and the shop is now ever growing!

What events are you attending this year?

Currently we only have Pippa’s Pledge planned, but we will be picking up more shows as of next month. We always advertise the events we will be attending on the website under the Events section!

Do you have any exciting things in store for Lunas Loft?

I have new products planned for the future, some to be released this year and others will need more time and training on mine and Carl’s part before they will be ready. We do have something huge on the cards for the future but is all very hush hush for now. We need sales to increase before it will be a possibility though.

What advice would you give for aspiring designers?

Listen to your customers! If your customers tell you there is something wrong with one of your products, fix it. Whether it’s a faulty product, or advice to improve your product, it needs to be done or at least highly considered and given some market research.

Keep original! The worst thing is can do is to try to copy someone else. It’s actually less beneficial for you to do this, because people are more likely to buy from the established seller regardless of how much cheaper you are.

Lastly take your time, never rush into anything and make sure you give your products a lengthy testing period. Testing products for pets is so important, customers will not return to you for more products if their first falls apart within a few months. The worst thing you can do is make something, put it on your dog for a few days and then say it’s been tested, because that is not testing!

I think for a new pet accessory business to become successful now, they need to bring out something never seen before. The market is becoming so saturated so it’s hard to become successful and keep sales coming in. Keep your ideas fresh and always do lots of market research! We wish all new businesses the best of luck!

I hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about Luna’s Loft, I have loved watching them grow. Thanks to Hannah for taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer these questions, I wish Luna’s Loft the best of luck for the future and look forward to seeing what else is in store! Check out her shop: here.

Thanks for reading,

Charlotte & Maximus x

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