What We Love About The Countryside

I am such a country girl, being surrounded by vast greenery just makes me so happy. Maximus loves it too because he has so much space to run about and be the crazy little spaniel he is! Whenever we have to visit the city it just reminds me how much I love the countryside. Due to a past traumatic experience, Max is scared of cars. especially if they pass by him too quickly or loudly. As well as this, large crowds of people make me quite anxious so going to a busy town or city is challenging. A quiet village is ideal for both of us. I have put together a few of the specific reasons why my family and I love the countryside.

The variety of walks

Field, river, woodland, cliff, you name it… its there. Walks are always so interesting in the country. Without a doubt, there’s always new places to explore that’s full of different things, it never gets boring. A riverside walk is Max’s firm favourite, he lives for water! However, my favourite is woodland. I find them so beautiful, especially when the trees are full of leaves and arch over the path, it can be quite spectacular. Although, we don’t go on as many woodland walks nowadays due to my sister and I’s paranoia of Alabama Rot. It is suspected that this disease is more present in woodland areas, however this isn’t proven fact. Despite it being very rare, if Max caught it I’d never forgive myself.  However, on the occasion we do go on a woodland adventure we ensure he is thoroughly cleaned afterwards. On a more positive note, I really enjoy cliff walks full of breathtakingly scenic views. Maximus, on the other hand, isn’t too impressed with these walks because he has to stay on the lead – knowing his unaware little self he’d happily charge of a cliff chasing his ball…

The country pubs

I’m always a fan of ending a long walk at a nice country pub for a drink, or going out for lunch before a walk so you can ‘walk it off’. Throughout winter I’ve been having a hot chocolate to warm me up – yum! If we go out for lunch beforehand, Max, being the spoilt spaniel he is, will sulk with annoyance the whole time because his walk has been delayed! Although, a little treat from the table always makes up for it. I have a list of a my favourite country pubs that I have compiled overtime, which I plan on sharing with you in a future blog post. I’m really not a posh restaurant sort of person, the meals are way too fancy! I’m a lot happier with a burger and chips than a lobster! Dog friendly pubs are an essential being a crazy dog mum, I never leave my pooch behind! The atmosphere is very friendly, it’s nice to be able to walk in with your wellies on without  people giving you funny looks.

The picturesque villages

If you want a taste of true British countryside The Cotswolds is where to go! It’s known for its picturesque villages that really do belong on a postcard. Bibury is one of the most famous Cotswold destinations and there’s no surprise why, it’s absolutely beautiful and is exactly what the Cotswolds is about. We are lucky enough to have grandparents who live in a gorgeous cottage nestled in a little village in Gloucestershire so we visit regularly. I love cottages, they’re so pretty and always look cosy! A village with cottages just adds so much character to the area.

The vast open spaces

I love the tranquility of the vast open spaces, without a building in sight. Being able to just walk for miles on end with endless countryside waiting in front of me is such a pleasant feeling, it allows you to escape those stresses of everyday life and just live in the moment. Maximus loves it too because he can charge around freely, ball in mouth, paws barely touching the ground and ears flying!

The peace

As I mentioned previously, I find the countryside very relaxing. I love how peaceful it can be, if I ever feel stressed getting some fresh air really helps me to destress. Concentrating on your surroundings is a great way to clear your mind and appreciate the little things like the tweeting sound of birds. I make sure I always keep my phone in my pocket on a walk so there are no distractions, I simply live in the moment. It’s very soothing.

Being close to nature and the wildlife

Deers are a common sight on our daily local walks, it’s so lovely to just be strolling through a field and a deer prances past in the distance. I feel so lucky that Maximus isn’t bothered about chasing animals (apart from squirrels!). I always make sure I stop and take it in because wildlife is so beautiful, it’s important that we appreciate it. I am such a nature enthusiast, I find the natural beauty of nature and wildlife so fascinating. Spring is my firm favourite season because that is when nature flourishes and the colours pop. From yellow to blue to purple to pink… it’s like a canvas that has been splashed with vibrant colours.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog. Let me know if you prefer the city or countryside and why!

Thanks for reading, 

Charlotte & Maximus x

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