Our 2017 Highlights

Looking back on 2017, it’s been a crazy year (in a good way)! This year was Max’s first full year with us and we’ve already been on so many fun adventures with him. I’ve selected just a few of the many highlights of 2017 to share with you.

The first highlight of 2017 was, of course, celebrating Max’s first birthday! Over 70% of dog owners celebrate their dogs birthday and I am certainly one of them! We invited his best pal Bobby round and they all wore little pawty hats and birthday bandanas, and Max had his birthday badge on. Maximus was truly spoilt with gifts, his favourite being a squeaky toy monkey that he still loves to this day. After opening presents, we went on Max’s favourite river walk for a run around before indulging in birthday cake! An added bonus to the day was that it was really sunny so we had the pool out, Maximus gets so excited when he sees it and would happily have it out during winter I’m sure! Overall, it was a great day, full of lots of love and laughter.

The next highlight was our boat trip earlier this year, I can’t express how much fun it was! Especially seeing Max love it so much, it was really heart-warming. Safety coming first, he wore a life jacket and whilst it wasn’t super fashionable he looked adorable in it and got lots of admiring looks from people we passed. Maximus had his eyes fixed on the water when the boat was moving, watching the waves and ripples being created. Whenever we arrived at a lock he loved to jump out and help with all the action, he was a proper sailer pup! We are hoping to go on another boat trip soon, Max will be thrilled to be ‘Captain Maximus’ again!

Another highlight is when we ventured down to Cornwall in October for a coastal adventure! Cornish holidays are definitely my favourite so I was really looking forward to it. We stayed in a lovely house overlooking Crackington Bay and spent the week exploring various Cornish towns, including the famous Boscastle which was beautiful. We also went on many trips to the beach and walks up the cliff, it was such a lovely holiday.

We also visited Exmoor in Devon earlier on in the year for an overnight stay. It was a stunning area with so many places to explore!

Another lovely place we visited in 2017 was Brighton. We stayed overnight in a hotel overlooking the sea, we walked along the beach passing the beautiful, quirky beach huts and strolled through the pretty, picturesque lanes. It was very pleasant.

This was also the year that I started my blog and I have no regrets for doing so! I love sharing our adventures with everyone and being able to recommend places to go or products to buy. The blogging journey has already been amazing and I can’t wait to see what next year has in store.

In relation to this, we had our first ever overnight blog trip to review a gorgeous pub called ‘The Lion Inn’ in Winchcombe. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while or following us on Instagram you’ll know how much I adore the Cotswolds and Winchcombe is a classic beautiful Cotswold town – I didn’t want to leave! Not only is the town beautiful but it’s also surrounded by some gorgeous country walks, our stay was very pleasant.

Instagram is another highlight I have to include as I reached my goal of 10K followers which is such an incredible achievement for me. Like many photographers, I’m my biggest critic and I will spend hours on just one photo until I’m happy with it. But seeing others enjoy following Max’s journey and loving the photos I produce makes it all worthwhile and I can’t wait to keep on doing so throughout 2018.

The final highlight of the year is definitely being Guru Pet Foods Adventure GeekSTAR – when contacted by Guru asking if Max could be one of their GeekSTARS I was super excited, we love Guru and couldn’t wait to help #spreadthelove. This gave us the opportunity to be able to meet the lovely team at all the summer shows, I can’t express how amazing and hard-working they are, it’s so inspiring! They were so welcoming and made us feel very comfortable, we met so many insta friends too, it was such a blast!

Overall, 2017 has been a year full of amazing memories, I can’t wait to create even more in 2018!

Thanks for reading,

Charlotte & Maximus x

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