What was in Max’s Holiday Bag?

If you’ve seen my previous blog post you will know that we recently went on a lovely holiday to the Cornish coast. I have decided to write a follow-up blog about what was in Max’s going away bag. Both dogs always get so excited when they notice me packing up their stuff as it always means that we are going on an a fun adventure!

Guru Pet Food

This is always the very first thing I pack whenever and wherever we go away and, whilst I do so, the dogs are always at my feet (hoping I accidentally drop some!). Not only do I pack their regular Guru food pellets but I also like to take some Trip Bones and a pack of their Venison Sausages. Trip Bones are easy to bring along on your outings as they are reasonably small in size and light in weight. Whether you’re out during your pooches mealtimes or if you’re just short of packing space, it’s the perfect alternative. The boys tucked into theirs at the beach.

Purple Bone Jumper and Bone Toy

The lovely Emma from Purple Bone recently sent Maximus a navy blue, green stripped jumper along with a very dapper tweed bone toy. This toy quickly became Max’s all time favourite! It fits perfectly in his mouth, he carries it everywhere! To prove his obsession, he will empty his toy box, pawing away all his other toys, to get to it. Knowing how much he loved it, I just had to take it along with us on holiday! I also took the jumper with us for Max to wear on cosy evenings in. It was perfect for Max to wear during the storm as it was nice and snug!

Go Bark Ball

A ball is an essential when going anywhere so packing this was a no-brainer and I pretty much did it without thinking! I make sure I pack plenty as we always come back home with half the amount we went with… who can relate? Go Bark Ball noticed Max’s love for them and kindly offered to send him one of their personalised, highly durable balls to try out. A ball with your name on it… could you get anymore dapper!? Maximus was so excited when it arrived in the post and I was and still am very impressed with the quality of the product.

Ruff & Tumble Drying Coat

The next item in Max’s holiday bag was his Ruff & Tumble drying coat. This was a must as we were going to the coast, meaning we’d have a very soggy spaniel most of the time! Maximus doesn’t have much fat to insulate him as, being a Spaniel, he burns off any fat he puts on! Therefore, it doesn’t take much for him to get cold and shivery, but with his drying coat on he is dry and warm in no time!

Dapper Attire

Whenever we go away, I always pack some attire for Maximus to model on his travels. For this holiday I chose his very dapper ‘Polar’ bandana from Gunner Gear‘s winter collection and his gorgeous ‘Golden Hour’ bandana from Cotswold Pooch‘s Autumn collection.

The Polar bandana was very fitting for our cliff walks, especially this particularly misty one:

Whilst the mist can take away from the view, it does give it a very atmospheric effect. Gunner Gear’s products are perfect for any dapper pooch, all their designs are truly stunning.

Max’s Golden Hour bandana was perfect for our Halloween pumpkin photos over on Instagram. Cotswold Pooch is a new shop that already have so many beautiful designs, you’re bound to fall in love with them!

If you’re interested in these bandanas pictured, or any others from those shops, make sure to use my discount codes at checkout:

Gunner Gear: DAPPER15 (15% off)

Cotswold Pooch: MAX10 (10% off)

Thanks for reading,

Charlotte & Maximus x

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