Exploring the North Coast of Cornwall

When possible, I like to take the dogs with me everywhere I go, seeing them excited for a new adventure is so heartwarming. Whilst I love going abroad, holidays with the dogs are just extra special. Myself, the family and Charlotte from @thespottyspaniels recently went on a week long holiday to the Cornish coast in a lovely little town called Crackington. We stayed in a house in the hills looking out to the sea.

I couldn’t wait to get exploring, we had barely stepped foot in the house before we were out again! We investigated the local beach which was a mix of sand and pebbles with a stream running through it. Maximus whined with excitement when he caught sight of the beach, he loves anything that involves water. The beach trip was rather eventful as we all got soaked due to our misjudgement of the waves when paddling! We went to this beach most evenings, it was a lovely end to the day. Full of laughter (and water!), we then decided to head to the cafe that overlooked the beach to get warm. We tucked into a hot chocolate and then headed back to the house.

What I loved most about the house was the log burner, it’s such a lovely extra touch that gives any house a more homely feel. We spent many evenings sat by the fire with the TV on whilst I caught up on some editing… absolute bliss!

Unfortunately, the first couple of days were very stormy due to ‘Storm Brian’ so we couldn’t go out much otherwise we would of been blown away! During the stormy period, we went down to Crackington beach to keep Maximus stimulated (and to stop us from getting cabin fever!). One evening the storm had actually blown all the foam from the sea onto the beach, creating a blizzard of foam!

Max was so confused and wondered what on earth happened to his beach! In the video you can see that the wind even blew foam right on top of him at one point!

The next place we visited was Widemouth, a vast pebble beach where clusters of weathered rocks were randomly situated along it. Rock pools were nestled amongst them and gulley’s of little streams passed through the low lying rocks. The rock pools were definitely Max’s favourite, he loves watching the stones splash and make ripples when we throw them into the water.

Our next stop was Boscastle, the historical little fishing village hidden away in a valley. On the 16th August 2004, the village suffered a horrendous flood that swept away many of the cars, buildings and trees. Fortunately, there were no fatalities but the impact on the village was devastating. I remember learning about this in my Geography class at school, so I was looking forward to our visit.

In Cornwall, wherever you go you can always find a Cornish pasty shop, I think I had one pretty much everyday! So, after indulging in a pasty, we walked along the Boscastle harbour which Maximus of course thoroughly enjoyed. It was very pleasant and was a fascinating place to explore.

Another beautiful town we visited was Port Isaac. When we arrived, Neve (my sister), Charlotte and I headed straight to the beach with Max whilst the rest of the family explored the town. We quickly noticed a walkway following the sea next to the cliff so, intrigued, we headed there. We discovered that along the edge of the cliff there were several natural pools that were remarkably clear and were of a lovely soft blue. We crossed one of the pools to investigate a cave that was lurking in the rock face which was interesting (and a bit scary!) Before we left, we had a drink at The Mote restaurant that was right next to the beach, I had a hot chocolate and I have to admit it was the best one I’ve ever had!

Polzeath was our next stop. Before heading down to the beach we stopped off for lunch at ‘The Water Front’ which overlooked the beautiful beach, it was very pleasant. However, I don’t think Maximus was too impressed that his beach trip had been delayed! With our taste buds satisfied and our stomachs full, we went down to the beach. One of Max’s favourite games we play at the beach with him is: Max digs a hole, I put his ball in it and fill it back up with sand, then he has to dig to find the ball… he LOVES it!

Oscar loves the beach too – as a younger dog he used to charge across the sand and dig constantly! He may be older now and less energetic but he loves having a little wander, getting the sand in his paws.

The final place we visited was Padstow, a well-known Cornish town. We had a very pleasant lunch overlooking the harbour and then had a wander through the town. My favourite part of the visit was popping into the dog shop Slickers Dog House, we treated the dogs to some Billy & Margot ice cream which they tucked into with great pleasure.

After a little look around various shops we then headed to the beach close by so the dogs could have a run around. Max quickly found a rock pool so that’s where we spent most of our time!

Throughout our holiday we also went on some cliff walks. The views were breathtaking and always made up for the challenging climb up! One of the local cliff walks in Crackington went all the way to Boscastle!

Overall, we had an amazing holiday that, as usual, went by too quickly! Both dogs loved being so close to the beach, and so did I. Hopefully we can go back to Cornwall soon to make even more memories to cherish.

Thanks for reading,

Charlotte & Maximus x

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