Feeding Raw and Guru together | The Best for the Best

Raw feeding is becoming increasingly popular amongst dog owners as people become more educated on how to feed dogs a more nutritious diet.

There are so many low quality pet foods out and about, I’ve even seen some with a meat content lower than 10%! The other 90%? That is mostly additives, extracts, fats and cheap oils. This is not a healthy diet for dogs. Not only this, but most dried food companies use a process called extrusion. Using such high temperatures can destroy the ingredients, vitamins and nutrients (you can find out more about the extrusion process through the AllAboutDogFood website). Therefore, it is understandable that raw feeding is a much better diet for dogs as it’s what they’d eat in the wild. Raw food is rich in amino acids, vitamins and protein, as well as essential oils. Many people report that after transitioning their dog to raw their coat is much shinier and their teeth are in much better condition and they just generally look healthier.

If you are going to feed raw, make sure you do it properly to ensure your pooch has a healthy, balanced diet. Many raw companies have a feeding guideline on the packet to help you.

However, raw feeding isn’t for everyone of course, some people are funny when it comes to raw meat (understandably). This is where Guru Pet Food comes in!

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, Guru Pet Food is a dog food company that are passionate about providing dog owners with a better diet choice for their dogs. They don’t cook the pellets, instead they are cold pressed meaning the nutrients aren’t lost. For more information, head to another blog post of mine where I go in to more depth about all the benefits of Guru: here

I have actually tried feeding Maximus raw food but he wasn’t too pleased… he loves his Guru food and it was clear he didn’t want to switch (a true GeekSTAR!). This didn’t surprise me and I didn’t mind either as I know that Guru is such great quality and they proudly state that “it is the closest food to a natural, balanced diet”. Impressive right?

In addition to this, Guru don’t use any chemical additives and only use oils that are beneficial. Guru’s main non-meat ingredients are: potato, sweet potato, green tripe, green lipped mussels as well as many nutritious vegetables – it really is packed with goodness!

These benefits only lead to even better ones! Guru is great for digestion and so is raw feeding. The food breaks down and digests much quicker in the gut leaving your pooch fuller for longer.

Because Guru and raw feeding are both highly nutritious, you don’t need to feed your dog the same quantity of food compared to other foods. This is great as not only is this a health benefit but also a financial one!

All these similar benefits mean that you can feed Guru Pet Food alongside a raw diet and vice versa. This also means that you can give your pooch a delicious Trip Bone as a special treat when feeding raw, or a raw bone alongside feeding Guru. Isn’t that great? Oscar is fed both Guru and raw, he loves it!

Guru Pet Food is such an amazing company, I highly recommend giving their food a try if you haven’t already. #TeamGURU

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this blog interesting.

Charlotte & Maximus x

One thought on “Feeding Raw and Guru together | The Best for the Best

  1. Go GeekSTAR Maximus 🐶⭐️

    We love this blog… not only because it’s so informative and has great photos, but also because many of our Geeksters are fed GURU alongside a raw diet 👌🏼

    Thank you so much guys, you really are the best 🤓 xx

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