Ways to Help a Teething Puppy 

It’s been a while since Maximus was a young puppy but the difficult teething stage still remains clear in my memory! As frustrating as it may be having your pup want to chew everything, just put yourself in their paws, they’re going through a lot of discomfort – they simply chew to try to take the pain away. I have put together some options that can help relieve some of their pain (and yours!).

Ice cubes

We found that ice cubes were a great way to relieve some of the pain little Max was experiencing as it is cold, therefore it soothes the pain. As well as that, it was also a good way to get water down him as he is useless at drinking water…

Frozen treats

Did somebody say treats?!!

You can really play around with this. If you have some free time you can even make them yourself. If you’re looking for a more convenient option, then simply put a carrot in the freezer. That’ll still do the job just as effectively.

Even though Maximus is no longer a puppy, I still love to make these treats, especially in the summer as it’s also a good way to cool them down in the heat.

When I have the time, I love to make them myself and mix things up now and again. The first decision to make is to chose the liquid base you want to use, this is usually either water or yoghurt. I often use water to take every opportunity I can to get him to consume at least some water!

Obviously, if your pup doesn’t mind just munching on an ice cube then that’s great! But if your pooch is fussy or you just want to make it tastier for them, you can then add the treats. My go2 choice is apple, carrot and a pellet of Guru Pet Food (their favourite part!) as we always seem to have that in the house. Just make sure whatever food you pick is safe for your pup to eat.

This is a photo I took for Max’s Instagram story – Oscar loves them too!

An even tastier option is using yoghurt as the liquid base (as I briefly mentioned earlier). My favourite thing to add to this is strawberries, yum!
I think these are a great option as they are tasty whilst also giving pain relief on their sore teeth. They were also highly approved by both dogs.

Warning: these are very messy to make!


We are lucky enough to have a Pets Corner in our village, so ever since Max was able to go on walks we took him there to socialise (and spoil him!). We became regular visitors and we still are, Max absolutely loves it there as he always gets lots of treats!

Whilst I’m on the topic, Pets Corner also hold an hour long puppy socialisation session called ‘Puppy Hour’ every Saturday morning.

Max meeting his litter sister at Puppy Hour

The lovely staff recommended for us to get an Antler to help with Max’s teething so we took their advice and bought one. It was a very worthwhile purchase – Max still loves chewing on it to this day. I don’t know why as I doubt it tastes of much!
You can get Antlers in various sizes, we got Max a small for when he was a pup but now we have moved up to a size medium.
This is also a really good calorie-free alternative!


A Kong is a highly durable rubber toy that is perfect for chewing puppies. Similarly to the Anter, the Kong also comes in various sizes. You can fill it with any treat that fits appropriately, I like to fill it with dog friendly peanut butter and put it in the freezer overnight. Make sure you don’t make the mistake of forgetting to freeze it though – they’ll get through it very quickly! The coolness is great for relieving tooth pain as well as enjoying a delicious treat at the same time.

Not a peanut butter fan? The Kong company sell their very own treats made for putting into the chew toy.
Sometimes we also put some frozen wet food in it – you can really pick anything (as long as it’s edible & dog friendly!)

The Kong is 100% Max’s favourite out of this list, and there’s no surprise why – peanut butter!

Chew toys

I did some research and found a company called MultiPet who make a toy called the Chilly Bone. It’s a bone shaped chew toy that you put in the freezer. *I can’t vouch for its durability as I never tested it with Max* However, a convenient alternative that you probably already own is a tea towel, simply roll it up and freeze it – easy!

Last but not least, good luck and don’t give up!

Thanks for reading,

Charlotte & Maximus x

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