Training & Recall w/ The Company of Animals 

Over the past few weeks we have been testing out some training and recall products that Company of Animals kindly sent us. This included:

  • A dummy
  • A whistle & clicker in one!
  • Coachies treats
  • A treat bag
  • A long line

Being a Spaniel, Maximus always must be holding something in his mouth! Whether that be a stick, a ball, a toy, in this case a dummy… you name it! If it fits, it’ll do! He does, however, prefer certain objects for certain occasions: Saying hello? A toy. By water? A stick. In a field? A ball, etc. 

We have never owned a dummy before, but I was always keen to with Max (Oscar, on the other hand, hates holding anything in his mouth unless it’s a treat!). When the dummy arrived I was excited to introduce it to Maximus, as I knew he’d like it. It is in the colour red so it stands out more than, let’s say, a green one that can be a nightmare to find amongst long grass!

The first time we took it out he was a bit confused but he soon got the hang of it, and now he loves it! He is a quick learner so he soon understood what we wanted him to do and now performs quite well… unless there’s any form of water around! 

Another training product that is a very popular choice in recall training and also used in things like gundog training is the dog whistle. Maximus responds really well to this, it’s our go2 recall tool that we take on every walk. A common partner of the whistle is the clicker, used as the ‘reward’ sound that signals to the dog that he/she has done the right thing, and therefore will be rewarded for it.

The Company of Animals have gone a step further, offering a whistle and a clicker in one! I thought this was such a good idea, as I often found that, with Max’s high speed, he was at our feet before we even had the chance to use grab hold of the clicker to use! Therefore, it being an ‘all in one’ is very useful because when you’re blowing the whistle, you’re also holding the clicker at the ready! I do love a bit of multi-tasking! 

Now, I have a question for you: is your dog treat oritentated or toy orientated? Max is a mix of both. The Company of Animals kindly sent us a few packs of their ‘Coachies’ treats which is a great training treat as they are small but tasty! They come in a range of flavours and are oven baked so the nutrition and flavour is not lost during the cooking process. They also have no artifical colours, flavours or added sugars.

Training treats are great to take on walks, especially if you’re trying to work on recall. I used to always just put some treats in my pocket, which did the job but I would always end up with a very crumby pocket afterwards! The Company of Animals offer a treat bag that can be attached to your waistband. This bag also has a pocket to hold your whistle and clicker. We chose the red one but if the reds not for you then there’s also a camouflage pattern bag.

Something that we used to use with Maximus during his adolescence period was a long line. It is a great alternative to keeping your dog on a lead but still allowing them to run around some what freely. This means that you still have control over their actions, but they are not too restricted. This was really useful and made our walks more relaxing knowing we could grab hold of it if Max did a runner! However, picking it up once it had been dragged in mud wasn’t too pleasant… or untangling it from a bush Maximus had raided!

I hope you find this helpful, walks are so much more enjoyable nowadays with training enforced. Also a massive thank you to the Company of Animals for sending us these products.

Thanks for reading,

Charlotte & Maximus x

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