Dog Fest 2017 with Guru Pet Food

Last Sunday on the 25th June it was Dog Fest time! We attended Dog Fest South at Knebworth house with Guru Pet Food. If you didn’t know already, Maximus is their Adventure GeekSTAR! (I also had the pleasure of being their official photographer for the day, how exciting!). The first thing we did before heading off was, of course, pick out Maximus’ attire! My sister and I decided on his yellow bow tie and collar from the lovely R’n’D Paws. I thought this was just the perfect choice because it matches the colour of Guru… I love to match things!

Very dapper!

It took us an hour and a half to get to Dog Fest which was pretty much what we expected and there was very little traffic so thankfully the journey wasn’t stressful, we were only queueing up to park for 10 minutes. Upon arrival we met up with our friend Charlotte with @bobbythespringer and had a quick look around before heading to the Guru stand. Their stand was amazing, it really stood out and was so unique from the rest. When we arrived at the Guru stand, we were warmly welcomed by the Guru team (the Geeks!). It was the lovely Lisa who was on the stand, regularly referred to as ‘aunty Lisa’ on social media. She gave us such a friendly welcome and made us feel very at ease. After a very pleasant chat, it was time to get snapping away! One of the dogs I photographed would then be on one of the Guru postcards sent out with all food deliveries on one of the twelve months.

During photo-taking I met so many gorgeous dogs, all breeds and sizes. It was particularly lovely meeting some of the dogs from Instagram, including @marthalovestopose, @cockerspanielmessi, @millymoo_and_charlieboo, @spaniellife, @_alfiebear and so many more!

Max, Bobby, Milly & Charlie

I was very pleased with how the photos turned out, photographing so many gorgeous Geeksters was an honour!

These are just a selection of the dapper dogs I photographed:

Something I loved about the Guru Pet Food stand was that they also had a little game. They had photos of a selection of Geeksters, including their GeekSTARS and Ambassadogs, on one of the walls and each dog and photo was in the style of a wanted poster! The game was that if anyone ‘captured’ (found) one of the ‘wanted dogs’ they would get a trip bone as a reward. Awesome right? As you can see, Maximus and Oscar were captured hiding in plain sight at the Guru stand… they may need to come up with some better hiding spots next time!

After a while we left the stand for a bit to stretch the dogs’ legs but also because Maximus made the shortlist for the Dog Fest Cover Star competition! Unfortunately, Max didn’t get placed but he’s a winner in our eyes (apologies for the cliche!).

After the competition, we had another wander around and found a little Haybale Hurdles competition which Max had a go at. His time wasn’t the quickest but he still had lots of fun!

It was also very amusing to watch the dog diving, Maximus was very jealous of all the dogs enjoying the refreshing water.

Whilst wandering around the park we stopped off at the Big Tick Project tent to say hello. It was nice to see how passionate they all were about keeping people’s dogs safe from ticks, they gave us some great advice. I really recommend talking to them to get expert advice about the types of ticks and where they are most common and how to deal with them if you find one on your dog. We also had a chat with Chris Packham who was at the tent, he was very friendly and gave us some great tips.

Following this, we headed back to the Guru stand to meet more gorgeous Geeksters and take some more photos before heading home. We left Dog Fest at 4:30 after saying our goodbyes to the Geeks. Our journey home was also no hassle, everything flowed smoothly that day and it was just perfect.

That evening I started looking at the photos I had taken and began picking my send to the Guru team. It was so difficult to cut it down and only pick a few but I finally had my selection and the final decision and winner of the postcard photo was the stunning little Rufus from @rufusroamswhat a cutie!

Overall, we had such an enjoyable day at Dog Fest and will definitely be going again next year! I also want to say a HUGE thanks to the Guru Team for inviting us and making the experience extra special.

Did you go to Dog Fest 2017? What was your favourite part of your day?

Charlotte & Maximus x


6 thoughts on “Dog Fest 2017 with Guru Pet Food

  1. We had such a great time too and can’t wait for next year!! We also loved this post and seeing lots of the gorgeous dogs you captured 🐶

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a furbulous day we ALL had :o)

    Great blog, with fantastic photos! We’re over the Moon that you’re our Adventure GeekSTAR Maximus and so pleased Mum joined #TeamGuru as our official photographer for the day!

    We can’t wait to see Rufus on our postcard xox

    Liked by 1 person

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