Beach Day Essentials!

Earlier this week we headed down to the coast of Poole for a beach day to take advantage of the warmer weather. It was the perfect day out.

I have put together some of our beach essentials to share with you.

I will start with the most important: water! 

I’m sure this is obvious but always bring plenty of water with you on days out, for your dog but also yourself. Staying hydrated is so important, a banging headache wouldn’t be a great addition to your trip! In relation to the beach, the sea is certainly not a massive bowl of fresh water either.. it is salty. It will have the opposite effect and make your dog even more thirsty!

The next ‘beach essential’ I have included is a ball.

If your dog is like Max, tennis balls are something to always have on hand! He’s obsessed with them. He always carries them on walks and whilst he wants us to throw it, he finds it very difficult to part with it! Sometimes he won’t even give it up for a treat!

Maximus is always happiest with a ball in his mouth, he thoroughly enjoyed charging along the sand chasing it and then cooling off afterwards in the sea. It was great to keep him busy and active.

Now, after a long day of swimming, I’m sure you don’t want a soaking wet dog getting into your car! That’s where the wonderful Equafleece comes in handy.

Of course a towel would also be useful to dry off their paws, but an Equafleece is a lifesaver! It is a drying fleece and it does it’s job perfectly. When purchasing one you can pick your own style colour preference to compliment your dogs coat too so you can still look stylish! We personally chose the ‘Mulberry’ colour and the ‘Tankie’ style. It’s been so useful I’m so glad we finally got round to purchasing one!

Another ideal thing to bring along on your beach trip is a Guru Trip Bone! 

I’m sure if you’ve been following my blogs for a while or Max’s Instagram you will know that Maximus loves Guru. We always take a Trip Bone with us on days out so I just had to include it in this blog. To Maximus, it is definitely an essential!

Because Guru is basically a meal in a bone, it was the perfect midday snack for him to munch on whilst the rest of us were munching on our sandwiches.

The final beach essential is, of course, stylish beach attire! 

I love dressing Maximus up in his collars, bandanas and bows for days out or events. I always try and make them fit well with what we are doing too. For this particular trip I just had to dress him in his Luna’s Loft aqua blue rope lead and yellow rope collar. It matched the beach colours of the sand and sea beautifully!

And this bucket and spade of course…

We also brought along with us a stunning blue anchor bandana that Dog’n’Walk kindly sent us. This is one of my favourite bandanas on Maximus, I think the blue looks stunning on his brown coat.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed finding out what we take to the beach!

Charlotte & Maximus x

You can purchase your own attire for your dog from the lovely Luna’s Loft using the code MAX10 for 10% off.

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