Our favourite walks!

Having a dog means there’s no excuse not to go out and explore! There are so many beautiful places in this world, why not go out and appreciate them?

Over the past couple of weeks I have picked some of our favourite walks that I’d like to share with you.

Port Meadow

The first walk I would like to share with you is a lovely place called ‘Port Meadow’. This is one of our top favourite walks to go on, it is simple but perfect for Maximus. It consists of a vast open field that is ideal for chucking the ball around… Max can really pick up speed, he loves it!

The land is cut by the river shown in the image below (The River Thames) meaning you can walk along either side. The other side is very pretty with an avenue of trees along the rivers edge. However, we usually walk along the other side because the dogs prefer it but we do occasionally go the more adventurous route for a change!

Maximus regularly hovers by the waters edge, waiting for us to throw something in that he can either swim after or simply watch float away. He’s not your typical water loving dog that’ll leap in without thought, he’s obsessed with water but in a more curious way. That being said, he goes in for a swim quite regularly now.

Oscar, on the other hand, prefers being in his depth whilst still enjoying the cool water on his joints.

Spring Hill

The next walk we enjoy is called ‘Spring Hill’, a selection of typical British countryside fields. Because it is just fields and there is so many of them, you can chose your own way round, creating your own routes. This is beneficial to us because it means the dogs won’t get bored, we constantly switch up our routes to make it different and exciting.

Sometimes we pass a house in a lovely country lane where a gorgeous Border Collie greets us excitedly, quickly running off to find his ball for us to throw!

Recently, my sister and I (and Max of course) took a little detour and discovered a beautiful little woods. We were speechless when we quickly noticed that either side of the path was a blanket of bluebells… What could be better? Bluebells, along with snowdrops and daffodils, are a firm favourite flower of mine, they just shout spring!

Shotover Country Park

This historic walk is made up of stunning woodland along with a few fields where you often see families enjoying the sunshine and tucking into their picnics.

The sloping woodland grounds are an ideal form of excercise for both the dogs and myself! Of course, Maximus makes it look easy…

The area is so vast, it is a 63 hectare park so there are endless routes you can go on. We are still yet to explore the whole grounds. The location is great for sightseeing, everywhere is different and makes you really appreciate the natural surroundings of the British countryside.

Due to the regular hills, it’s not a place to walk an older dog that is easily worn out, especially if you are keen to spend a while exploring the grounds. Oscar really struggled last time we went so we couldn’t go too far.

There are maps dotted around the park, showing you where you are, the history and the wildlife specific to your location. It is perfect for an adventure!

What’s your favourite type of walk? Field, riverside, woodland?

I like being beside a river for Max’s sake but really love a scenic woodland.

Charlotte & Maximus x

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