Some of the companies we love!

There are so many amazing dog companies out there for all kinds of dog breeds.

My sister and I have selected just a few that we love. It was so hard to cut it down to just 6 so I have listed a few other companies at the end of the blog that are certainly worth checking out too.

Some of the companies I will be mentioning I discovered through Instagram. This is one of the many things I love about Instagram. There are a wide range of companies, big and small, interacting with their customers and admirers. It’s lovely. It has enabled me to discover some great small companies and watch them grow into amazing, successful companies.

I decided to choose companies that are all different for variety.

(This is in no way in order, ranking them would be unfair.)

1. Guru Pet Food

Of course, we had to include Guru in this blog. We’ve been feeding Maximus and Oscar Guru for many months now and we have no plans in stopping. It’s such a nice feeling knowing that you are feeding your dog something that is packed with nutrition yet full of taste too.

Not only do Guru Pet Food offer (of course) pet food, but they also offer their highly ‘Max approved’ Trip bones, perfect to take along on day outing as a convenient meal.

We first found Guru Pet Food when Maximus was a little puppy struggling to maintain a diet that would agree with his sensitive stomach. After some research, Guru ticked all the boxes. It’s actually the only food that Max drools at. He doesn’t even drool at a Sunday roast… and that’s saying something!

If you would like to find out more about Guru Pet Food, including its many benefits, head over to my other blog post or their website.

2. Tractive

We came across Tractive when Maximus entered the dreaded stage of adolescence! His recall went downhill.. we began to find walks quite stressful and we were desperate for something that would make us feel more in control. We tried a long line but we got fed up with this quite quickly. Not only would we get a very unpleasant yank on our arm when Max reached the end but we also wanted him to have the freedom to run around without being restricted.

We decided to look for another alternative and this is when we found Tractive. Tractive is a GPS tracking device that can be attached to your dogs collar. The device connects to a downloadable app on your phone where you can ‘live track’ your dog.

Tractive makes our walks so much more relaxing. Our walks are more stress-free now knowing we can track his location if worst comes to worst.

Find out more by visiting their website: Tractive

3. Pooch & Mutt

Pooch & Mutt offer pet food and treats. We buy Max and Oscar their treats. They are perfect to use as training treats and they have a range of options categorised for a specific purpose. The ones I often buy are:

  • Health and Digestion
  • Move easy (mainly for Oscar due to his stiff joints)
  • Brain and Train
  • Feel Good

These are our staple treats, we always have some on hand and the dogs love them.

Find out more by visiting their website: Pooch & Mutt.

4. Lunas Loft

There are so many lovely dog wear companies, all different in their own way. The reason we have chosen to talk about Lunas Loft is because not only are their products gorgeous but they are also local so we have had the pleasure of meeting the owner and attending a model shoot she held earlier this year. She seems so passionate about her company and I look forward to watching the company grow more and more.

Isn’t this yellow polka-dot bandana perfect for spring!?

I adore her rope leads, they are so colourful and fun!

Check out her shop: Lunas Loft

5. Tails Tasties

Tails Tasties is a non subscription dog box that specialises in treats. I love that it is non subscription as there are so many great subscription boxes but not everyone can afford to pay a monthly cost for it. Inside the box is a great selection of treats that Max and Oscar thoroughly enjoyed trying. The box also had a tennis ball which is always useful if you have a ball obsessed dog like Maximus! I highly recommend this box, it would be a great birthday present for your pooch!

Find out more and discover what’s inside this box by heading over to my other blog post or their website.

Listed below are some other companies that we also love:

Teddy Maximus

Pet Pooch Boutique

R’n’D Paws


Devil Dood Designs

(All the companies I have mentioned we have purchased from/have products from. There are so many lovely other companies that I hope to purchase from in the future)

One thought on “Some of the companies we love!

  1. Really great blog. Such great companies, all very passionate as well. I’ve been shocked as well by the amount you find on Instagram, and what a community it is 💜


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