Boat Trip!

Last week we cruised down the River Thames for a few days on the ‘Caversham Emporer’ hired from Caversham Boat Services.

Before setting off on the boat, the man from the boat company assisting us noticed that Maximus was a young, very excitable dog and asked if we would like to put a dog life jacket on him. We couldn’t have accepted the offer more quickly! It was certainly worth doing, it made the trip a lot more relaxing! As well as that, he looked adorable and got a lot of attention from people we passed.

Leading up to our trip I was really looking forward to seeing what Maximus would think of the boat, and the waiting paid off. He absolutely loved it!

Maximus had two favourite spots on the boat: the captain seat (surprise surprise..) and the stern (at the back) where he was fascinated by the waves created by the boat.

Maximus loves water, he could stare at it for ages. Therefore, being surrounded by water on the boat meant that he couldn’t take his eyes off it. He would constantly go from one end of the boat to the other eager to take in as much as he could. It was quite funny because he would never stay still, everything was just too exciting! It was only when bedtime came around that he realised how exhausted he was. Luckily, the boat had a spacious seating area where we could all relax. This had the added feature of a sliding roof so we could still enjoy the spring sunshine.

The boat had 3 bedrooms, two doubles and one bunk bed cabin. The bedrooms were compact but comfortable. There was a bathroom at each end of the boat and a well equipped small kitchen in the middle.

It was lovely because there was indoor and outdoor space. Maximus enjoyed sitting on the bow of the boat looking out over the river.

He would also always be ready to lend us a helping paw with the ropes!

Maximus loved the locks, he found them so interesting! He really became the captain’s little helper, even though I’m sure he’d tell you HE was the captain. He would jump off the boat ready to supervise us going through.

Our priority when mooring up for the night was to be somewhere that had enough space for the dogs to run around and a place to walk them in the evening and morning. We ended up mooring in some lovely locations along the Thames.

On the second day of our trip we stopped off at Wallingford to have a wander through the town. Before returning to the boat we had a drink at a lovely riverside pub called The Boat House. We sat outside on their terrace looking out over the river.

On our last night we moored up in Sonning and went out for a meal at a place called The Great House in their pub & restaurant area called Coppa Club. Understandably, the dogs were only allowed in the pub area which was very dog friendly. They even provided a water bowl under each table so dogs could have a drink. The meal was lovely too, I had a delicious sausage pizza that had a really tasty cream sauce over it.

Overall, our trip was very enjoyable and we are already wanting to go again next spring. I highly recommend booking a trip and taking along your furry companion too.

Thanks for reading,

Charlotte & Maximus x

3 thoughts on “Boat Trip!

  1. We spent two weeks on the Thames in sept 2015 with our dog Molly on the Caversham Duke. I couldn’t fault Caversham boat services nor the many lock keepers. We travelled up as far as Osney bridge in Oxford & back down as far as Staines The boat was well equipped & all worked well but we carried a bit too much luggage & things were a bit cramped but one small point the upper Thames needs more water points & also more free/cheap mooring point. The grand union would put it to shame


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