Cotswold Wildlife Park

A few weeks ago we took a trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park. It was an unexpected outing that turned out being the perfect day. My dogs are like children to me, I was really looking forward to showing Maximus the animals and seeing what he would think of them. I knew Oscar wouldn’t be phased but little Max is always alert and interested in anything and everything.

In the photo above Maximus and Oscar are wearing their gorgeous bandanas from Pet Pooch Boutique.

The weather really couldn’t have been better either, the skies were clear with a gorgeous spring blue… no clouds to be seen. Everything just fitted into place and resulted in a truly lovely day.

Due to it being a Wednesday, the park was quiet which was an added bonus as we got a ‘front row’ view to everything without having to squeeze your way through a crowd.

Of course, dogs have to be kept on leads which is understandable, I can just imagine Maximus running eagerly up to an animal to play a game of chase! I don’t think the staff or the victim would be too impressed…

Maximus really enjoyed wandering round the park. When we first arrived he started barking at an Emu who kept starring at him which was amusing. However, after a little laugh we quickly told him to be quiet and luckily he settled down and remained well behaved for the rest of the day.

I’m sure that every dog owner can agree that a dogs smile is the best smile.

Maximus wasn’t that interested in the rest of the animals (expect the penguins but I’ll get on to that later) however, I personally found the giraffes very entertaining. I’ve always been fond of giraffes, their long necks, black tongues and unique patterns make them extra special.

Unfortunately, the giraffes were inside their shelter which dogs were not allowed in. I was suprised they weren’t soaking up the sun.

Now… onto Max’s favourite: the penguins.

It was so cute to see Maximus so intrigued and fascinated by them. He also really loved watching them get fed, he would follow the fish as they flew into the water, quickly devoured by the hungry penguins.

That being said, we were also pretty certain that he thought the water looked rather appealing after a long hot day. Therefore, he was probably looking enviously at the penguins cooling off.

Overall, our day out was very pleasant. I highly recommend taking your furry  companion to Cotswold Wildlife Park. It was a lovely experience to share with the dogs.

Thank you for reading,

Charlotte and Maximus x

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