Tails Tasties box

Last week we were lucky enough to win a Tails Tasties box to try out. We decided to take the box with us on our weekend getaway in the Cotswolds.

Tails Tasties is a non subscription box which I really love as you often see boxes that look great but perhaps can’t afford to pay a monthly cost for it.

It’s fair to say the dogs have thoroughly enjoyed indulging in the various treats included in the box. As well as many treats, a tennis ball was also sat inside the box. This, of course, was very quickly snatched out by a very happy Maximus! He was very excited and eager to add it to his collection. We are reluctant to take it on walks as it’s new and clean, the majority of his others have certainly seen better days… Therefore, the ball from the box is currently in line to be used once he’s either lost his others or we deem them unusable!

Thankfully, Maximus isn’t hard to please when it comes to tennis balls and appreciates one no matter how filthy or old it is.

I stumbled upon this picture of Maximus from a while ago showing off one of his more mucky balls quite well:

My personal favourite treats in the box was the Pooch and Mutt ‘Brain and Train’ treats as they are ideal for a little reward to take along on walks or if you are practising tricks etc.

In addition to this, the box also had the Pooch and Mutt ‘Fresh Breath’ treats. These are an essential and I’m sure many other dog owners would agree. Oscars breath in particular is not pleasant to get a whiff of, whilst also understandably worsening in his old age. Therefore, when I caught sight of these in the box I couldn’t wait to see if the dogs approved. Luckily, they did!

Something I love about Pooch & Mutt is that they have various treat options categorised for a specific purpose. The ones I regularly buy are:

  • Health and Digestion
  • Puppy Development
  • Fresh Breath
  • Brain and Train

Another pack of treats that the box contained was the Lily’s Kitchen Bedtime Biscuits with yoghurt, honey chamomile and Passion flowers. They really do look like little biscuits and were indeed a perfect bedtime treat before settling down for the night.

Furthermore, two other treats from the box were from the lovely company: Billy and Margot. One of which was their Strawberry and Apple treats. I knew these would be a hit with Max and Oscar as they both love apples, however are yet to try a strawberry in its natural form. Despite that, I have no doubt he’ll love strawberries too. Similarly to Pooch and Mutt, they are also an ideal size for training. As expected Max (and Oscar) loved these treats.

The other packet was the well know doggy popcorn! I have always been very eager to try these out but never got round to it. Therefore, when I saw these laying in the box I was very pleased.

If I’m honest, Oscar wasn’t fond of these. However, this didn’t surprise me. I’ve mentioned before in another blog that Oscar can be quite fussy with treats. On the other hand, Maximus indulged with pleasure.

Last but certainly not least, was the Lily’s Kitchen snack bars:

These bars are easy to break off into bits and give to your dog as a healthy and delicious snack.

Throughout our stay in the Cotswolds I often gave Max and Oscar a piece whilst they snuggled up beside the fire before a little nap.

Thank you so much Tails Tasties for choosing us to try out your lovely box. We have thoroughly enjoyed doing so.

Maximus loved it, I have no doubt your dog will too.

Charlotte & Maximus x

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