Weekend in Cambridge

Last weekend we packed our bags for a weekend away in Cambridge. The purpose of our trip was to meet up with some friends who we hadn’t seen in a while and also of course to meet their gorgeous new puppy: Duncan!

Duncan is a basset hound cross with a cocker spaniel.

Isn’t he adorable?!

It’s fair to say Duncan loved Maximus. He would follow him everywhere like his shadow. Max isn’t too fussed about interacting with other dogs so the relationship was quite one sided. Max was quite tolerant but was a bit overwhelmed by the affection! It did make me laugh though because Duncan loved copying Max, it was if he looked up to him and wanted to learn the rules of ‘dog’! Whereever Max was, Duncan would be right behind him with so much curiosity as to what Max was doing.

This photo was taken on a lovely walk that had great variety to it. Field, woodland, water.. you name it, it was there!

Half way through our pleasant walk we had a drink at a beautiful riverside pub called ‘The Mill’.


After a stop of at the pub we headed back to the house for dinner and a games night whilst the dogs made full use of the warm log burner. They are always an added bonus…

The next day we made pancakes for breakfast and set out on another delightful riverside walk called ‘Grafam Waters’ which is a beautiful resivour.

During this walk, Maximus did his first leap into the water! We always joke that he’s not really a spaniel as whilst he loves the thought of water he isn’t brave enough to jump in. He always just paddles and barks at the water but it’s only on occasion that he’ll go in for a proper swim.

However, his confidence is growing and he is going in for a swim more frequently now so we’ll see what the future holds. Maybe one day he’ll leap in without looking back! Despite this, in reality it is quite sensible of him and we appreciate his caution.

The attire my brother and I wore in these photos are from petpoochboutique.

Charlotte & Maximus x

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