As you may know from my previous blog post, a few weeks ago we enjoyed a trip away to the beautiful Cotswolds for a week.

The plan was that we would dedicate a day to go on a day trip to Weston-Super-Mare. My sister and I used to go there a lot when we were children with our grandparents so we were already very fond of the beautiful area. Therefore, I was desperate to take the dogs there too so they could enjoy it just as much as I always had.

It was the perfect outing. The dogs loved charging along the beach and we also stopped at a fish & chip shop for lunch. Max and Oscar both shared a ‘Jumbo Sausage’ which they indulged in with great pleasure!

The title ‘award winning’ was no lie… they were damn good fish & chips!

As I briefly mentioned above, Max loved racing up and down the beach. His paws would barely meet the sand!

Tennis balls are definitely an essential with Max. We take them with us everywhere, they always keep him busy and stimulated as he loves constantly having something to do due to his breed.

Whilst enjoying a pleasant stroll along the beach stretch, we stumbled upon some colourful beach huts and immediately took out the camera to snap some shots. Beach huts are so picturesque, and luckily, in my bias opinion: so is my dog!

I also must include the beautiful pier that Weston-Super-Mare is known for. A few years ago it was burnt down by a fire, however it was later renovated. I really love the effect of the ‘wave’ shape to the building. It really adds to its character and elegance, making it even more special and unique. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the pier so if you are keen to explore this attraction, it is important to consider this to prevent disappointment when you get there.

I really do love the beach. To me it’s a place where you can escape to and just focus on spending quality time with the family.

Why not dedicate a day to take your furry companion down to the beach? I can assure you, you’ll both have a lovely time where you can focus on just being together, with no everyday distractions getting in the way.

Charlotte & Maximus x

7 thoughts on “Weston-Super-Mare!

    1. Aw nice, I’ve never been to Dorset beach but if you recommend it I’d love to go! We are always up for new adventures. Thank you, he had such a lovely time it made me so happy seeing him enjoying himself so much.

      Charlotte and Maximus x


  1. Charlotte- that was lovely and pleased to hear you enjoyed your time at W-s-M as much as ever. From the excellent photography, it was quite obvious that Max did. How about Osacar? Did he enjoy it as well? He, of course, had been there before.

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