Trip to the Cotswolds

Throughout a week of February, we enjoyed a lovely getaway at the Cotswolds. Lucky for us, we have relatives that live in the beautiful area of Westonbirt, therefore we love to make regular visits. It is fair to say that myself and the dogs have fallen in love with the Cotswolds and thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

Spring is on it’s way… just look at these beautiful snowdrops! How could I not snap a picture?


We were tucked away in a beautiful cottage with a much appreciated log burning fire that the dogs loved to curl up in front of after a long, wet walk in the country.

This little cutie in the picture below is Oscar who is very fond of the fire. It is probably one of his favourite things about our trips away to the Cotswolds.

Right beside the cottage is a big field that was perfect for throwing a ball around to burn off some of Max’s energy. There is also a lovely country lane that was ideal for late afternoon walks:

Maximus loved to charge up to any puddle he laid eyes on and would actually start memorising where each puddle was. To his luck, but not so much mine, there were a lot of puddles due to the typical miserable English weather so he was in dog heaven! He could stand beside a puddle for hours and that’s really not an exaggeration… something about them he is so fascinated by but we still await the discovery of what that is other than watching the splish splash of the muddy water.

Other than the country lane at our doorstep, there were many other walks that were mostly riverside based so, again, Maximus was in his element.

One of our firm favourites is a walk in and around the historical town of Malmesbury. It’s a beautiful, scenic walk along the river, including a stroll through the stunning town.

As you can see in the photo above, Maximus wasn’t too impressed to have his walk interrupted for another photo!

There is no doubt that Maximus stayed as close as possible to any form of water as much as he could. I find it funny because he doesn’t actually usually swim, he just paddles and barks at the water as if he wants to do what his instinct tells him but he’s not quite brave enough!

This is an example of Maximus looking longing at the water as if he actually knows that the fence above him warns that it is ‘deep water’…

In reality, I’m sure he’s just staring at the massive stick floating on top of the water in front of him, day dreaming of holding it firmly in his mouth and charging around like the typical mad spaniel he is!

Furthermore, we also went on a very pleasant day trip to Weston-Super-Mare which I will be sharing in my next blog post later on this week.

Whilst I do not have a specific house/cottage to recommend I strongly suggest taking a trip away to the Cotswolds with your furry companion. You’ll undoubtedly have a delightful getaway and of course an adventurous trip exploring the lovely British countryside.

10 thoughts on “Trip to the Cotswolds

  1. The photo of Maximus on the bridge is stunning, it’s a favourite one of mine from you.
    So lovely that you have family there, it’s a lovely place. Luckily we live fairly close, so we can easily visit lots of the Cotswolds towns as day trips.
    Alfie also loves water but only paddles, at 9 years old I don’t think this is going to change now, but he’s so silly if the ball goes a little too deep!
    Love From, Steph & The Spaniels

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It’s such a lovely area, I’m looking forward to going again soon. Haha bless him, Max makes such a fuss when a ball or stick goes out of his reach.. He’s getting braver though!
      -DapperMaximus x


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