The Pawsomebox!

Throughout the past week, Maximus and his big brother Oscar have been testing out the wonderful ‘Pawsomebox’ which has most definitely been pawsome! It was lovely to be able to bring this box along with us to our trip to the Cotswolds so we could really test it out: an added bonus to our already wonderful getaway.


The Pawsomebox is a monthly subscription box carefully prepared by a group of passionate pet lovers and contains a range of 5-6 goodies for your companion. From £14.90, the box ranges from food, toys, animal care products and accessories delivered directly to your door. I love the variety they offer in every box. Pawsomebox also work with animal protection charities: for every 2 boxes delivered, £1 is given to a local animal organisation or association. This is something I really love about Pawsomebox.

This months box included three food based products, two toys and a water bowl dispenser.


The first product Max indulged in was the ‘Leap & Bounds’ lamb grain free training treats. These were certainly a hit with Max and I was also very pleased to see this laying amongst the box as he is still a puppy so training treats are very useful when teaching or reinforcing commands as being an adolescence puppy, he can sometimes ‘forget’ what he’s been taught… that being said he has impressed us with how well behaved he is.

These treats are 70% lamb and are a delicious reward for your pooch.


Secondly, Max was delighted to discover the ‘Grillhouse’ savoury chicken legs laying proudly inside the box. The packet contained three chicken legs, being advertised as ‘irresistibly tasty’ which I can say with 100% certainty that Max agrees with. We brought these along with us to our day trip to Weston-Super-Mare:


These were a great mimic of a real chicken leg coated in breadcrumbs. Max dug into these with eager wide-eyes.

Now, the next treat has to be my favourite of all the delicious treats this months Pawsomebox provided. A packet of two ‘Dr Dental’ chews, one flavoured with Avocado and one Blueberry both with a yoghurt filling. I certainly underestimated these, not expecting my meat loving dogs to enjoy such a healthy treat. I certainly recommend these chews for car journeys as they kept Max and Oscar busy for longer than expected.

Nestled by the fire after a long walk by the river chewing away on a healthy yet delicious treat… what more could your pooch want!?


Not only were the treats a hit, but the toys were too! Max, being a spaniel, loves to hold things in his mouth so he definitely appreciated the two additions to his selection of toys.

Firstly, the orange spiky ball has been great as let’s be honest… tennis balls are frequently lost due to the green colour hiding in the matching green grass, causing you to partake in a regular game of hide and seek! Therefore, the bright orange colour of the ball is a very pleasant replacement which is a lot less stressful to find when Max drops it in random places.


The second toy, which I have noticed is Max’s favourite of the two, is a toy horse that lets out a quirky neigh sound when squeezed. Max loves a good squeaky toy, the sound makes him go crazy! I knew straight away that this toy was undoubtedly going to be a hit with him.


Lastly, something that I’m sure was definitely more appreciated by me than it was Max, was the water bowl dispenser.

This is absolutely perfect for travelling as the water constantly refills when the bowl begins to near being empty so there’s always a constant supply of water to keep your energetic dog hydrated, until the bottle you’ve attached is empty of course! However, if you attached an appropriately sized bottle suitable for your dogs water intake, the bottle should keep your dog going throughout your day travel.

This was great for our trip to Weston-Super-Mare:


We have thoroughly enjoyed testing out the Pawsomebox. Thank you Pawsomebox for sending us this months box to try out. It has been an honour.

Charlotte & Maximus


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