Owning A Puppy | Are You Ready?

Everyone loves puppies, am I right?

However, many people jump into getting a puppy without knowing the package that comes along with the misconceiving innocent look of an adorable puppy. Therefore, it is important to do your research before choosing the new addition to your family so that you are fully aware of what you’re letting yourself in for! This includes researching breeds to decide which one suits your lifestyle the best.

Many people bring their little puppy home unprepared and unfortunately some of these loveable puppies end up in shelters.

One thing that many people forget is that puppies will nip… a lot. Therefore, choosing a method to teach bite inhibition that works best for you and your puppy is essential. A very common method is the ‘yelping’ technique, however personally this did not work for Max and actually resulted in getting over excited instead of the expected response of concern! Therefore, we opted for time outs which did work… eventually.

On average, it usually takes 5-6 months for puppies to stop the nipping, and this was the case with Max (even though at one point we thought it would never stop!) Don’t give up hope, it does. You just need to be patient and not get too frustrated as in fairness to puppies, their teeth are very painful as they go through ‘teething’. As a result of this, you may find little tiny teeth in random places around your house!

We kept Max’s first tooth we found, is that normal for dog lovers? I hope so…

Of course, if your puppy is showing agression and their nipping turns into serious biting then it may be useful to see a dog behaviourist to sort out this problem ASAP. However, don’t be too worried if occaisonally your puppy nips you and you draw a bit of blood. Their teeth are ‘razor sharp’ and can be very painful. It is if this becomes regular and out of control when the problem occurs.

Are puppies little devils? Yes.

Will the biting ever stop? Of course, if you work with them and take the time needed to set the boundaries.

Another thing to consider is toilet training. Whether you chose to use outside or puppy pads, it is important to enforce this straight away whilst they are young so it doesn’t turn into a problem as an adult dog.

To do this, introduce your puppy to where they will be expected to do their business and take them to this place regularly (recommended every 30 minutes) and wait until they have done their business before you take them away. In addition to this, whenever you see your puppy squat, take them to the location you are using so this is reinforced and eventually they will learn that that spot is where they are expected to do their business.

Max was surprisingly good with toilet training. He learnt very quickly. However, be patient as some puppies may take a while to make the association. Even if you think they have successfully been toilet trained, there still may be the odd time they forget but this should become less and less frequent overtime if you are consistent with training.

Max is 8 months old now and an absolute pleasure to have as part of the family. We would never go back, all the puppy madness was most certainly worth it.

Raising a puppy isn’t all bad! It teaches you a lot and is overall a great experience. Watching them grow up into intelligent, happy, loveable explorers is an experience I would never take back, and will do many times again. The companionship you form will be one you will cherish forever.

Charlotte & Maximus 🐾

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